A biological assessment of the fish and macroinvertebrate assemblages and habitat quality in the Black River lacustuary was conducted during 2010-12. The primary purpose was to provide pre- and post-construction assessment for the ARRA and NOAA Phase I grant projects and to establish the pre-construction baseline for NOAA Phase III. Pre- and post-construction biological monitoring was conducted following Ohio EPA protocols for Lake Erie lacustuaries. The biological and habitat assessment was designed to provide site- and project-specific data to evaluate pre- and post-construction changes. Overall, the 2010-12 biological and habitat assessment results demonstrated the positive effects of the ARRA and NOAA Phase I restoration projects on the fish assemblage and habitat in the Black River lacustuary. With the exception of the LICI, results that failed to meet either the BUI delisting or NOAA targets were close to those targets and additional monitoring through time may well reveal full recovery as the newly restored habitat matures.


Chris Yoder , Edward T. Rankin , Travis D. Smith