Citizen Science and Volunteer Training

Turn your interests into action and become a citizen scientist!

Are you interested in the natural world around us?

Do you enjoy spending time in nature?

Do you want to take direct action to help your local environment?

With MBI you can combine your interests and become a Citizen Scientist! Citizen Science research offers an important opportunity for interested citizens to collaborate with professional scientists. Today’s technology makes it possible for environmental data collection networks to include valuable data collected by local people like you. By participating in Citizen Science research, you are directly helping to take care of your local environment.

Volunteering for organizations is another important way that you can participate. As aquatic ecology is MBI’s specialty, we can equip volunteers with the knowledge and experience they need to assist with stream monitoring efforts. We’ve provided a list of Ohio Watershed Groups for easy reference and as a resource for volunteer opportunities which may include stream monitoring. It’s more important than ever to get involved and help your local community steward its valuable natural resources.

MBI offers several citizen science and volunteer training courses. Our Citizen QHEI (cQHEI) course provides the training needed to perform systematic evaluations of natural aquatic habitat, and our Introduction to Wetlands course is ideal for people with no prior knowledge in Wetlands. Our new Intermediate Macroinvertebrate course is designed for people with no prior knowledge of macroinvertebrates, and is also ideal for those who would like to pursue Level 2 Qualified Data Collector status through the Ohio EPA. Click below on the course links for more information or to register.

We are in the process of developing an interactive database that will allow the general public to contribute their own data on local stream health and to access historical data. Check back soon for updates on this and for additional ideas on ways to get involved.

Citizen Science and Volunteer Training

  • Intermediate Macroinvertebrate Identification (with optional L2 Test/Certification)

    MBI has developed a one-day Intermediate Macroinvertebrate course aimed at volunteers and citizen scientists who might have a basic understanding of macroinvertebrates, and would like to expand their knowledge.

    1 Day Course
    1 Course Scheduled
  • Introduction to Wetlands

    Introduction to Wetlands is designed for those who want to learn to identify wetlands, about the varying types of wetlands and the values they provide, but do not necessarily have the need to collect the large amounts of specific data necessary to establish and support the exact wetland boundaries needed in wetland permitting processes.

    1 Day Course
    No Course Scheduled
  • Citizen Qualitative Habitat Evaluation Index (cQHEI)

    The Citizen Qualitative Habitat Evaluation Index (cQHEI) is a habitat assessment tool developed at Ohio EPA in the 1990's as an “easier to use” version of the professional-level QHEI habitat assessment tool.

    1 Day Course
    2 Courses Scheduled