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Position Available: Field Technician - Macroinvertebrates (1 available position)

Work Location: MBI is located in Hilliard, Ohio on the west side of Columbus. Projects include stream and river surveys in the Midwest and New England, and other states as necessary.

Project Description: Biological assessment of rivers and streams using standardized sampling methods; qualitative habitat assessments and field measured parameters.

Position Description: Works as a member of a 2-person field crew that collects macroinvertebrate data in wadeable streams and boatable rivers. Responsible for the execution of specific sampling protocols, data recording, and equipment operation and maintenance tasks under the direction of a qualified crew leader. Must be able to assist in the collection of macroinvertebrate samples, other biological samples, and in-field or laboratory processing and sorting of samples. Crews often travel over extended periods including consecutive weekends. All work-related costs while traveling, including lodging and meals, are covered by MBI. Position is seasonal, and employment with MBI is “at will”.

MBI implements and requires adherence to COVID-19 protocols for all employees.

Minimum Qualifications: Ability to perform supervised field sampling and maintain a variable work schedule including irregular hours, overtime hours, and extended overnight travel. The ability to work effectively as part of a team on a day-to-day basis is a must. Experience working on or around water is desirable.

Salary: $11.50 - $13.00/hr. depending on level of education completed, work experience, and overall qualifications.

Other Requirements: Valid driver’s license, good driving record, and proof of auto insurance.

Period of Employment:All or parts of mid-June through mid-October 2021. *Please note: we are only accepting applicants who are available for the full work term.

Employee Testimonials

My time as a field technician was a great way to start my career in aquatic ecology. I was able to expand my knowledge and my skill sets while working with some really knowledgeable people in the field. No two days of work were the same which made it such a unique and fun experience. Working for MBI was an opportunity I will always be thankful for.

-Sam Finnerty, Field Technician, 2020

MBI helped me improve my skills and credentials as a fisheries biologist. These skillsand credentials I gained while working at MBI has led me to additional exciting employment opportunities. As an assistant crew leader, I gained the valuable experience in leadership while working in the field in beautiful and remote settings. While working hard in the field I also forged bonds that turned other crew members into lifelong friends. Working at MBI was a privilege and an experience that I will notforget.

-Alex Roth, Assistant Crew Leader, 2019

Working at MBI was truly the best work experience I have ever had. It gave me a greater understanding of what I learned in the classroom and how to apply it in the field. Their training courses make you excited to work in and learn about aquatic ecology. Every day was exciting, educational and an adventure that I will always remember.

-Frank DePalma, Field Technician, 2019

"Employment at MBI is an ideal opportunity for those seeking a gateway to a career in biological field work or for those who are seeking to expand upon their current set of skills. You will travel extensively, learn to use research equipment and vehicles, and work with experienced and knowledgeable science professionals. Every day will bring something new, exciting, and often unexpected. It is a unique and invaluable experience."

-Adrian Brougher, Field Technician, 2017

“My experience at MBI was exactly what I needed to help me jumpstart my career in the field of environment and natural resources. The skills I learned in aquatic and fisheries sciences have helped me stand out in my career development and I am so thankful that I was able to take part in this opportunity. Traveling around the midwest I was able to learn and take part in several opportunities while interacting with a great group of colleagues. I truly do feel privileged to have worked for MBI and hope that other recent graduates and applicants have the same positive experience that I did!”

-Matt Murphy, Field Technician, 2016

“Working at MBI was one of the best work experiences I've ever had. I gained so many new skills that are so valuable in the fisheries field and had the chance to work with patient, kind, and fun people. My summer with MBI gave me more confidence as a developing biologist and I am so thankful for having had the chance to work with such a truly great group of people.”

-Julia Backus, Field Technician, 2014

Working at MBI was as a field technician was a great way to start my career. I learned and gained a lot of different field work techniques while exploring nature in many different northeastern states. It allowed me not only to conduct biological research but make new friends while doing so. After working at MBI, I can share and use my experiences as I further my career as a biologist with others.

-Victoria Tomko, Assistant Crew Leader, 2018

“Working with MBI this summer was one of the best summers I have had. The people in crew, and everyone else, were great to work and live with. Its hard to beat having a job where you learn a lot, have fun, and help conduct meaningful research.”

-Tyson Kurtz, Field Technician, 2016

“I feel privileged to have been a part of MBI to positively impact the environment this past sample season. I developed a new appreciation for the beauty of the outdoors and how much we take it for granted. I have learned so much and would not have traded this opportunity for the world.”

-Chris Dague, Field Technician, 2013

“Working at MBI was a pleasure from the very first day. I was able to gain valuable work experience while enjoying the outdoors. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work for MBI”

-Emily Logan, Field Technician, 2013

“Working with MBI made me feel like I was part of a family. They gave me the most educational, exciting, and professional work experience I could ever expect from an employer. I am forever thankful for having the opportunity of working with MBI.”

-Chris Fullerton, Field Technician, 2012

“MBI was a great company to work for. The 'family' atmosphere made it easy to do great work with wonderful people. I did more traveling this past field season than I have any of my adult life and I couldn't think of a much better way to have done so”

-Tyler Davis, Field Technician, 2013-2014