Introduction to Wetlands

MBI recognizes that wetlands can be a somewhat amorphous concept for many natural resource professionals and others interested in the environment who are not formally trained or experienced in wetlands. Therefore, we have developed a one-day course focusing on the basic characteristics that make a wetland a wetland. The course gives participants a clear perception of how wetlands can be separated out from other parts of the landscape without the need to have extensive technical expertise in wetland plants, soils, and hydrology. “Introduction to Wetlands” is aimed at those who want to learn to identify wetlands but do not have the need to collect the large amounts of specific data necessary to establish and support the exact wetland boundaries needed in wetland permitting processes. If you would like to have confidence in distinguishing wetlands and the general extent of their footprints, this course is for you.

Morning: Classroom Instruction

The first half of the day will be in the classroom learning simple ways to separate out wetlands from the areas that contain them. Instruction will cover recognizing the major wetland plant communities and hydrology sources, and will explain how although wetlands have common characteristics, they do not all look the same. The importance and range of the ecosystem functions and services provided by wetlands will be discussed, and a brief overview of the wetland regulatory processes will be covered.

Afternoon: Field Training

The afternoon will be spent at local wetlands to further illustrate and enhance the concepts presented in the classroom and to ensure that participants become comfortable in their skills to identify wetlands and their approximate boundaries. Differing types of landscapes containing wetlands will be visited and by the end of the day participants should develop a high degree of confidence in their wetland identification abilities. Participants will receive a certificate documenting successful course completion.

*This course is certified by the Society of Wetland Scientists Professional Certification Program.