Winter foraging is the best! Clear blue sky, crisp winter air and that snow on the nose feeling! This doe was with a small group of 5 deer foraging beneath the snow for green shoots and maybe the odd acorn that the squirrels missed. You can hear when they find an acorn, it sounds like they are eating gravel as they crunch them.

The White-tailed deer is native across most of the continental U.S. with exceptions of the southwest. Their size varies across their geographic range with males ranging from 150 to 300 pounds and females from 90 to 200 pounds. They are herbivores and you’ll find them moving between forest and fields or prairies, sleeping and taking cover in the forest and crossing into grassier areas to graze early in the morning at dawn or later in the day at dusk. In suburban, predator-free areas they lose some of their skittishness and can even be seen crossing lawns and munching flowers. They might even visit bird feeders where they may be seen licking the bird seed out of the feeder.