This pair of Eastern bluebirds (Sialia sialis) were in a walnut tree in early winter. We see them randomly throughout winter, not always looking so stern. We usually see them in small groups of 5-10 birds sitting together in a bare tree. The males and females are readily distinguished; the male’s colors are vivid blue on the head and back, with an orange-brown breast and a white belly, while the females have blue-grey back and heads, blue wing edges, dull brownish breast and a grey belly. We don’t typically see them at feeders much unless we’ve put out mealworms, especially live ones. They eat mostly insects, wild fruit and berries. However, periodically, we see them in numbers eating suet and whatever is there mid-winter. They seem to get less picky as the pickin’s get thinner.

Another great series of photos from MBI Board President Jim Lane – his interest in nature and nature photography is something we are more than happy to share.