Like clean water? Join the Ohio Wetlands Association at their Wetlands Science Summit!

Water is everyone’s concern. All across Ohio water quality is a serious matter. This 6th Annual Ohio Wetlands Science Summit brings together wetland experts to share their research and practical application of wetland restoration for improving water quality. Communities across the state are recognizing that wetlands provide cost effective natural services that improve our quality of life and OH yes, improve water quality by removing excess nutrients, sediments, toxins and other contaminants that keep us from fully enjoying our rich Ohio water resources.

The Ohio Wetlands Association (OWA) is hosting a wetlands science summit: H2OH! Ohio Wetlands Work for Water Quality” at Everal Barn and Homestead in Westerville, Ohio on Saturday, October 14th from 9 5 p.m. More details on the Summit and registration information are available at