Get out there, get the samples and get back to the lab or ship the samples all within a 6 hour window. This is the motto of field chemistry. It isn’t sexy like fish, macroinvertebrate, or wetland work but it is an integral part of knowing what is happening within a watershed. Our sampling day begins well before dawn and does not end until our chemistry meters and field supplies are calibrated and prepped for the next day. This translates into a 10-12 hour day during most field days. Our sampling gear consists of nitrile gloves, buckets, coolers, multi-probe meters, and bottles, lots of bottles. One collection of a water sample can be up to 19-20 bottles and we collect anywhere from 7-10 sites in one day. That is a lot of bottles for one day. We enjoy a fast-paced field day hopping in and out of our truck and climbing in and out of multiple streams. Life is good on the river no matter what form of sampling you are doing.

So, dip some water, catch a fish or a bug or two, and enjoy! And if you see us out there in our waders, buckets and bottles in hand, say hi - we would love to talk and tell you how the water is that day.