MBI with support from U.S. EPA conducted an assessment of the fish assemblages in the rivers of New England during 2002-9. This included a survey of Maine Rivers in 2002-7 and the development of a fish Index of Biotic Integrity (IBI). Two project reports were recently posted on the MBI publications pages and include Development of Methods and Designs for the Assessment of the Fish Assemblages of Non-Wadeable Rivers in New England (Final Report and Appendices) and Maine Rivers Fish Assemblage Assessment: Development of an Index of Biotic Integrity for Non-wadeable Rivers. (Addendum December 31, 2015).

The New England report includes an assessment of the status of more than 370 sites in 36 individual rivers, an analysis of the most limiting stressors to the fish assemblage, and case studies of specific impacts observed in the Connecticut River. The report is complete with appendices including a fish distribution atlas for New England rivers. The development of the Maine IBI was originally published in 2008 and this version is an update that includes the diadromous IBI metrics. Data collection continues today in the lower Kennebec and Sebasticook Rivers to develop a long term database and to assess the effectiveness of diadromous fish restoration efforts. We encourage feedback about these reports with any questions or inquires being directed to Chris Yoder, Research Director.