Earth Day is just around the corner. To show your support for environmental protection, here are just a few ways you can help on Earth Day, and every day:

Conserve Water and Electricity - Fix those leaky faucets, and try not running water continuously when washing hands or dishes. Water your lawn only when necessary and replace old, inefficient toilets. Turn off lights and appliances when not in use, and switch to energy saving light bulbs. You will conserve resources, and save on your utility bills!

Avoid Using Harsh Chemicals – Items we use every day such as detergents, herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides get rinsed down our drains or absorbed into our lawns, and end up in the water supply. Select “green” alternatives when possible. When green alternatives aren’t an option, use the lowest effective concentration of products.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Many of us recycle, but this is just a start. Reduce your impact by limiting the waste you create. Keep leftovers and pack lunches in reusable containers. Use biodegradable or recycled products when possible, and print on both sides of paper. Compost to reduce waste and turn the benefits into a nutritional supplement for your own lawn and garden.

Drive Less and Keep Your Car “Green” – Walk, ride a bike, or carpool when you can. Also keep your car tuned up, your oil changed, and your tires inflated to keep your car as efficient as possible. You’ll save money on fuel and keep emissions to a minimum.

Grow Something – Plant a tree! Trees offer many benefits, including improving air quality by producing oxygen and cleaning the air. They also block wind and sun and provide shade, which can help you on your utility bills. Trees add beauty to an area, and provide shelter and food for wildlife.

Help with a Cleanup or Attend an Earth Day Event – Cleanups and events are scheduled across the country and all over Columbus. Earth Day Columbus will happen rain or shine at the Columbus Commons. Visit the Earth Day Columbus website at .